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Here is what else you can find at Pérfume by Calé

Olfactory Diagnosis

An olfactory game, a test, a "tasting", a new app, a moment of pleasure and relaxation: this is Nose, the olfactory diagnosis system with i-Pad that assists in the search for the perfect perfume.

An Italian exclusive at Pérfume by Calé, Nose allows you to discover the most beautiful olfactory creations which truly meet the flavour and style of everyone. Just register, enter the perfumes that you have worn up to now and the system “chooses” from our store's proposals five fragrances that will be subject to our olfactory assessment without revealing the brand, perfume name or appearance of the packaging. You can make your vote which will be included in the system by our collaborators who will assist you. A new set of five proposals will then be generated which you will assess and, if you still have not found the perfume to win you over, you will move on to another new set of fragrances. It sounds more difficult than it is and the result is well worth it!

This is one way of discovering, without pre-conceptions and with huge time savings, the creations closest to your style. When you feel you are satisfied, the perfume that captivated your senses and that will probably become your new signature perfume will be revealed! An experience that is perfected each time and will give us the opportunity of offering you, at your next visit to the store, essences that you will almost certainly like, also taking account of the new perfumes and brands that we gradually add to our proposals.


The diagnostic Nose was created at the Parisian boutique of the same name, of which Calé is the co-founder, in June 2012. Thanks to a team of seven experts in the world of smell, including the famous “nose” Mark Buxton, the Chairman of Calé Silvio Levi and the volcanic Nicolas Cloutier, it uses original algorithms and an archive of thousands of perfumes, reclassified one by one. Today the diagnostic is offered in different European markets by Nose's partners which offer large selections of the best brands of Artistic Perfumery.


Do you want to find out more about the world of perfume and deepen your knowledge? We offer a selection of texts and books to browse through in complete relaxation here or, if you wish, to purchase for you or your friends. From our rich company library we have selected some of the essential titles to satisfy your curiosity and so that you are able to discriminate between facts and legends of the world of perfume. We have focused on texts that do not require specific technical knowledge and are, where possible, published in Italian; some, among the most representative and essential, are published only in English or French. For the pleasure of sharing our passions with you.

Museum space

Calé has cultivated relationships with the world of perfume and its experts for over 59 years. Brands and products have evolved, developed or disappeared. In our small museum, you will be able to see how a still existing brand has developed or see mementos of beautiful brand histories that have then had ups and downs but which form part of our heritage of knowledge and experience. Fragrances that have made history but are now no longer reproducible, packaging whose originality and modernity is surprising, celebratory editions and curiosities. A small world of wonders in which you will always be welcome. A joy for the sight, smell and knowledge.


A small collection of some of the most important ingredients used by the great perfumers. Smelling the raw materials is an extremely effective way of appreciating the intrinsic beauty of olfactory works and the complexity of the compositional process to which a great nose is subjected. Vetyver, Ambergris, Galbanum, Sandalwood, Citronellol, Bergamot… names that are certainly already known but, then, how many people actually know what they really smell like? Some ingredients may also be almost bothersome in the pure state but, added to a formula, they are surprisingly harmonious and pleasantly add to the aesthetics of the perfumed creation. You can get to know them here, by smelling them and surprising yourselves.

Meetings with the public

We have certainly acquired great experience and a good wealth of knowledge but we do not think that because of this we can "teach" or give lessons. Rather, we like to share and we willingly do so in what we call “meetings with the public”. Any issue that relates to the world of perfume can be the inspiration: from history to music, from the discovery of the behind-the-scenes activity of a brand to the meeting with a creator of perfumes, from a flower or a fragrant wood and their fascinating stories, to tastings of wine or other delicacies that can also be enjoyed with the nose. Opportunities are never missing to share our passion for the enchanting world of aromas!